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Someone Else’s Not So Good Fairy - Tale: Chapter Twenty.

Re - cap:

There was a small group of bushes and trees on the far end of the park I couldn’t believe I was hiding from my boyfriend but I just wanted to be left alone. I hid behind them hoping he didn’t see me right now. I watched as Justin walked right by the group of trees and bushes. He stopped right in front of where I was standing and I was about to come out because I did feel bad that I was hiding from him like this but I never got the chance because an arm wrapped around my waist and arms and the other covered my mouth. A knife was held to my throat causing me not to scream for Justin to help me. A bag was put over my head and everything went dark.

Who is the person putting the knife against Fatime’s throat and the bag over her head?

Will Justin find her in time?

Back to the story;

Selena’s POV.

I quickly got into Daniel’s car, just to be on the safe side from Fatime seeing me or anyone else for that matter. It still has the horrible smell about it since I was here last. Disgusting. Daniel started explaining everything about the plan of getting Fatime back to him and Justin back to me. It will be risky but I don’t mind, I haven’t done something like this a while. Let the fun begin.

After myself and Daniel had worked all of the specific details we needed to work out for the plan, I was able to get into my position for phase one of it all. I don’t know why, we are acting this way just for this but whatever Daniel says goes in my book. I will do anything to get Justin back to where he belongs; With me.

I walked over to where the hiding place is and got everything in position. After what felt like forever I could see someone running towards where I am hiding. About time. I looked closer to see that it was Fatime. Perfect. I took my chance. I grabbed and pulled Fatime down and then placed the knife near to her throat as possible without harming her before placing a bag over her head. I had no intention of harming Fatime unless Daniel starts harming Justin, when that’s another story. There is a black transit van, then Daniel had parked a few meters away from the park so Fatime and I made our way out to the van before anyone was able to see anything that was looking suspicious. Fatime got into the van with no problem whilst Daniel drove. Phase one sorted.

Justin’s POV.

I dialed in Fatime’s number and let it ring and ring until unfortunately it went to voicemail. I decided to leave a quick a message just to say I am sorry.

"Hey babe, it’s only me. Just wondering where you are, I hope everything is okay. I’m so sorry for our fight I was completely out of line for shouting at you.

See you soon,

Love you babe.”

When I finished with the voice-mail I put my iPhone back into my back pocket. I kept walking around until I stopped at the park that wasn’t too far from the hospital. I walked around the walk for a while and the decided to stop, as I stopped I could see something that was glistening from the sunlight. I moved closer to see that it was a phone. I unlocked it to see that it was Fatime’s phone because it had a picture of  Fatime sitting on me when we first started dating as set as her wallpaper. I got up from getting her phone and realised that Fatime, never leave anywhere without her phone, even when she is at home. There must be something wrong. I hope everything is okay.

The next thought that came into my head, was the only one that I hated thinking about it let alone feeling like it was going to become into reality. 

Daniel kidnapping Fatime.

Panicking isn’t the best option for me right now, I need to know now if my girl is okay. Just as I was calming myself down a little, I heard my phone ringing. I quickly answered but slightly too harsh than normal hoping that it was Fatime, I just want to hear her voice and know that she is okay.


"Oh hi Justin how are you?" That voice will something that I will never be able to forget, that bastard!

"Where’s Fatime? I swear to god, if you have even lay a finger on her, I will make sure that you know what fucking pain feels like!"

"Well well, calm down there Justin!"

 How the fuck can I calm down? How? He has just kidnapping my girlfriend!

"SHUT THE FUCK UP DANIEL! Tell me where Fatime is!" I shouted, I was gone past the point of caring if anyone heard me. I always know that Daniel is sick in the head ever since the first time I met him. That dickhead! But after he stabbed me, I can’t let Fatime near him let alone be with him.

"The thing is Justin, you do realise that as Fatime is with me, we had some fun - if you know what I mean."

After Daniel had finished with his statement, about all this bullshit he was making up, I didn’t even have to be looking at Daniel to know that he has a smirk on his sick and twisted face. When I am able to get my hands on him, I will show him that he wont be able to smirk ever again!

"Daniel I swear, you gonna pay!" I shouted.

"But the thing is Justin, she ran away after that, but hey I had my fun"

"You ba-" I couldn’t finish my sentence due he ended the call.

But if Fatime has ran away… She is out here someone with no one. I needed to find her and fast!

Selena’s POV.

As phase one as has been completed. I needed to start getting prepared for the next phase of the operation of getting Justin back and safe. I decided that it would be a good idea to trick Justin into thinking that Daniel has taken her so that I am able to get closer to Justin. Walking back around the park, I could see Justin standing there shouting down on the phone, I guess the plan is working. I was able to get a little closer to hear that it was Daniel that was on the end of phone. Justin finished the phone call with him. My time to start meddling with Justin and Fatime. Oh my favourite part.

I turned around to see that Justin has finished his so called phone call. Personally I thought it was a shouting match, to see which one was louder.

"Hey Justin, is everything okay?" Knowing too well that Justin is not okay, perfect chance to try and distract Justin from the situation and keep Justin to myself.

"What are you doing here?" Justin spat in irritation. Ouch. I’m already off to a bad start of having him all to myself once and for all.

"I’m only here to assist you on finding Fatime. Daniel has her and I know it!" I replied while gently placing my hand on his shoulder in a friendly manner. He shrugged my hand off of him and glared at me in disgust.

"I’m not a fucking idiot Selena. I know you were a part of this. Besides, how did you know Daniel captured Fatime, huh? Because I know damn well that I didn’t inform you about any of this!" I took a few steps back after Justin’s outburst. Distress and fury massed his orbs that were now a darker shade than usual.

"That does not matter. I only want to help and bring Fatime back safe and sound. And I have and want nothing to do with Daniel." I tried to put on a solemn facial expression to ensure Justin that I was serious. After all, I am pretty great at acting.

"And how do I know that I can trust you?"

"Can’t you remember all of the good times we had when we were together? It’s only because we trusted each other."

"Selana, that’s was before did what you did." I just can’t. I need to find her and that doesn’t involve you!"

The look on Justin’s face said it all, I needed to say something before he thinks of walking away but before I could stop myself I was saying something I wish I never ever said.

"What if I could tell you where Daniel is planning to hide Fatime?"

"Well don’t just stand there, show me!"


Daniel’s POV.

Parking the car in same place everyday, was starting to boring and if some reason I needed a change. But no change in the plan to get my girl back from that horrible bastard that has taken the love she is meant to show me instead of him. I will kill him if necessary. Getting out of the car and lokoing about to see, but no one was really around, then as I was turning back to lock the car, I had to take a double take to make sure it was the person I thought it was. It was, i would never be able to face like that.

She is and my only partner that I have ever liked for her to be able to help me with anything.

Selena Gomez!

We hadn’t seen each other in years, not becuase of me, it was her that left me but I wouldnt havent the faintest clue why thought, me and her was like best friend and the crime was just a bonus.

I walked over to the coffee shop that was nearest to the enterance to the mall as that is where Selena was heading. I ordered my coffee and walked back out to see she was still in the same place. Now it my time to say hello, I think.

"Hey Selena. Haven’t seen your pretty face for some time"

She hadn’t changed one bit since the last meeting we had with each other. She still the same old selena just a little different clothing from the years that have past. The best thing is still the same thought her voice, with that slightly bitch tone to it.

"What do you want?" Seeing her in the light again, it was bringing back all of the good and un times we had. sipping my coffee as I was thinking.

"Nothing babe. I just saw you here and thought you’d love some company" Daniel said, smiling.

I could feel that she was uncomfortable with me being around her, I thought we were all good. I still smiled so she didn’t think that she knew what she was thinking. Yes, I can read her mind like a book.

I rolled my eyes. Like I want him around me?

"I wouldn’t want you around me if we were the last people on earth"

I knew that for a fact that was going to be lie because we never had those sort of feelings when we was breaking the law and causing trouble together. I placed an arm around her soft shoulder.

"Don’t be like that Selena. Remember the fun times we had?"

As much as I didn’t want to, yes I remember them.

"Besides I’m just here picking some stuff up. Going to teach someone a very important lesson" Daniels voice went dark.

For some reason as soon as I said that I am going to be teaching some a very important lesson, Selena’s facial expression changed instantly. Her facial expression has changed back to the one that was on her face whenever we about to teach someone a lesson or planning one. Maybe she is back on my side. That wasn’t difficult.

"Oh baby. I am. Going to teach that little pretty boy Justin and my fucking girlfriend he stole from me a lesson"

She still has feelings for Justin, I see maybe that could come to my advantage.

As I was thinking, I felt Selena’s arm wrap around my shoulder. She hasn’t change one bit. Anytime she wanted to get any information out of me or she wanted something, Selena would always place her arms around my shoulders.

"What’s it to you?"

"Maybe I want to get involved."

"You want Justin? You can have him once I’m done with him. But I want Fatime!"

"Justin will be mine… So what’s the plan?"

Selena asked about what the plan was but I wasn’t going to tell her all of the proper details, just the ones that are conserving her and her little lover boy.

"So what you going to do? Whatever it is I want in"

I wish I could kill that bastard already. Maybe I will or just string him along for the ride?

"Selena, baby. I wouldn’t let you miss out on this one."

I walked back to my car and then realised that Selena was standing behind me watching and waiting for me to get in the car as she could. That was so easy. I knew that she has miss me and all the fun we use to have. I will get my Fatime back. I will do and go any lenghts to stp that bastard from getting my girl.

After driving for a while, we arrived at the old warehouse, where the van was parked at. The van was the best and easiest way to kidnap and trap Fatime without anyone reckonising or thinking anything is suspicious as the van looked like a simple black works van. I decided that we needed to get the plan into motion, so we got out the car and into the transit van. I drove back near the hosptial and there was a park nearby. We stopped the car and Selena to complete phase one but little did she know is that I am going to be calling Justin but framing Selana for it all. That bitch wasn’t good with anything we did. She is just here becuase she is pretty, not for her brains. Dumb Bitch!

Soon as we have done with this plan she is out. I will find a new person maybe, or just keep it all to myself I like it better like.

Will Selena find out the inside details before it too late?

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