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Someone Else’s Not So Good Fairy - Tale; Chapter Twenty - Three: Our Final Goodbye

Re - cap:

"Justin, Nooooooo! Don’t…"

Everything stopped including the machines….

Maybe that person waiting behind that door is the person that could change everything…

Back to the story:

Unknown’s POV

Is it really time for Fatime to go, maybe it is….

Looking through the glass thats remains around Fatime and Justin’s relationship you would think that everything is all okay, but just by knowing the full truth that their relationship is far from okay. Just because Justin is trying to care for Fatime to make everything alright but that doesn’t mean nothing when he is having trouble looking after is own self. Will everything turn out into the perfect fairy take that Fatime always wanted. You will have to find out…

Justin’s POV

Ever since the nightmare that Fatime was having it’s like she doesn’t want to know me, or even look at me. All she keeps asking me “Could you still love me?” but nothing has changed in my view, She is still the love of my life and that the person I want to called my wife. Well, except the exception of that sick bastard kidnapped my girl from me, which he still needs to pay for. I wish she would tell what has happened. Even if she wanted to tell me a small detail about what happened, I probably able to piece together what happened and then I can make that bastard pay for what he did to my girl.

After a short while of me just sitting in the hospital chair holding on to Fatime’s hand and trying to sooth the pain as much as possible even it was only a small amount of pain from her. Some time had past before Fatime decided to turn and move her body so she was a little more comfortable in the bed, but as I was getting up to help her because I could see that she was struggling because of the pain she just nodded her head and I knew that simply meant that she was fine and didn’t need any help. Knowing Fatime too well, that she didn’t want someone making a fuse about her or anything to do with her, so I decided to sat back into the chair and just started humming to myself some lyrics I have had in my mind for a while but never had all the pieces together until now.

"Life is worth living

(Ooh, ooh, ooh)

Life is worth living

So live another day…”

After a few routine check ups from the doctors and nurses every few hours or so, I turned to look over at the door for a few seconds for some weird reason but as soon as I turned back I heard a light tapping noise on the door. For some reason had this tingling feeling as got closer to the door and holding on the handle of the door. I was turning the handle and all of a sudden the worst thing imaginable happen. The beeping in the dreams and in the back of my minds had come and made itself know in my reality…

All I wanted to do was make it stop. The door slammed over with all these doctors and nurses. I froze, I couldn’t move, I just cried and cried. Screaming her name and wishing that she would just open her eyes and tell me she loves me but it wast working, nothing was working even all the doctors tried their best to remove me from the room whilst trying to find the source of the problem with Fatime, but as you know me by now, I wasn’t moving for shit even now. She can’t leave me, we have all of our future to plan, moving in together, asking her to be my wife and making our own little family but most of all is being able to spend the rest of my life with the true person I love and will until its my last breath on this earth. I can’t live without my girl.

"Time of death pronounced at 13:45pm"

"We are truly sorry for your lost, we will give you some time."

Before all of the doctors vacated the room, all of the monitors and wires has been removed from her body and the main heart machine was turned off.

This can’t be happening, this just can’t be right. Everything in my life has stopped, it was like I was standing there but I was a ghost. I didn’t think that I would ever had to hear those words in the life i have lived but now that I have, it was the most horrific feeling in the world, to hear someone say that to you about your loved one, or anyone really. Before everything has come back into focus I was holding onto one of the best doctors in the hospital to get Fatime and healthy. Shouting, screaming and swearing at the doctor to get her my girl back, was all I could thinking of doing. The doctors tried his best to calm me down but that was never going to happen in a million, just like this news that I never wanted to hear in a millions years. The feeling of loosing the love of your life is unbearable, it’s like everything had been removed from my soul and it wasn’t coming back. My Fatime can’t be gone, she is my forever and always.

I walked over the the bed and sat on the edge of the bed and just sat there and balled my eyes out until I couldn’t do anymore. I placed my hand into her small hand. It was cold. It was never cold when we held our hands together. I just want to tell her that I love her and just kiss those beautiful lips until she wakes up. By this time, all the doctors has left the room to give my girl and myself some privacy even thought it was only me breathing. I would do anything for her to be breathing again.

A few hours later, I was still the same, I couldn’t move. More like I wouldn’t even if someone had a gun pointing at my head, I wouldn’t leave my girl for anything.

Forever and Always.

All of the amazing memories that I was able to share together with Fatime, I was going to remain in my heart and that was going to change in a lifetime. They all rushing through my mind just remembering all of the wonderful and beautiful times we was able to spend together.


As soon Justin saw that I was here, he walked to come and meet me.

"Hey, Beautiful!"

"Hey! - Thanks."

"For what?"


"Your so very welcome."

Justin and I started to walk down the beach, then there it was. It was beautiful. There was a candle lit table with two chairs and a rose in the middle of the table. It was magical. Justin pulled out my chair for me and then pushed it back into the table when I was ready. I couldn’t stop staring at him, it looked amazing, everything about him was perfect, his hair, eyes his clothes, everything. He was an all black suit with a purple cloth in the pocket in his jacket. Justin sat down and a waiter came over with two plates of food. One was Pizza and other one was Spaghetti. Aww, he remembered. While eating, we talked about how our days were and silly things. We made a few stupid jokes. It was perfect. Nothing could mess this up. After we had finished eating, we decided to take a long walk along the beach.

"Could this night get any better?"

It was amazing, especially when Justin could see that I was getting a chill, so he give me his jacket and the sun was starting to set.Justin just decided to stop walking and he was looking nervous I asked if everything was okay.

He replied by saying, “Yeah of course, I am perfect when I am with you.”

"Can I ask you a question?"


"Will you be my girl, Fatime?"

I was so shocked. Really me?

I replied by saying….

"Yes…. Of course Justin."

-End of Flashback-

After a few hours of just wishing and praying that Fatime would come back fighting and healthy, the doctors knocked on the door and I opened the door to let them in. It was time; The time I was dreading the most: Our Final Goodbye.

One of the doctors had a large white sheet, that looked like some bed linen. I was guessing it was for the final goodbye. The male doctor that had been treating Fatime, asked me if I was okay to watch the final process of everything and I replied with a nod and small smile. I was surprised that I was able to even show any facial expressions right now. Both doctors started the process by placing the sheet at the bottom of the hospital bed and then slowly placing it over Fatime’s body until it was up to her neck area. Her beautiful brown eyes, are still open, the male doctor asked me I was up to closing them, but I just couldn’t, that would mean that it was finally all over, and I just didn’t want to think or that let alone make it into the reality.

I closed my eyes, as I couldn’t bear to see what they were doing to Fatime, so they told me when they were finished with closing her eyes. After they had done that, I quickly yet softly placed a small but loving kiss to Fatime’s forehead before they placed the rest of the bed linen over the rest of Fatime’s face and neck.

I prayed one last time, but for some reason, it felt different.

Dear God,

If there was only one last wish I was able to make in this world, it would be to have Fatime back into my life. I wouldn’t ask for anything else, just for her to be healthy and alive. The love I have for this girl is something that you can only find once in a lifetime and I was able to find it with my girl Fatime.

So, please God, I am only truly asking for your help to make my one wish come true.


I got all my things together for the last time for the day and left them ready at the door.

This was it, Our Final Goodbye…

Both of the doctors was ready to leave as they had finished the last process. I picked up my bag and the rest of our belongings that was in the room before I opened the door and looked back one last time at the bed with my beautiful girl. There was that feeling again, the good one for some random reason but I was glad I was able to still feel it. As I looked back at the bed, I saw something move. I must be going crazy. I turned around completely and just stood there. to see if I was actually going crazy. There was again. The movement under the bed linen. I rushed over back to the bed and pulled the bed linen off the bed. As I was doing this the doctors was trying to restrain me and trying to calm me down. I stood up straight and made the doctors both watch the bed. It was Fatime’s hand moving.

She alive.

I needed to feel and know if it was all real and I wasn’t in a fairy tale dream or just me imaging it all, I placed my hand into hers and there is was the magical feeling I felt when Fatime and I first ever intertwined our hands together. It had never left. The doctors were both speechless, just as much as I was right now. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The emotion was too much I just couldn’t take it anymore. It must be a miracle, it’s got to be.

"Please beautiful, show me a sign or anything so I know that you can hear me?"

It was truly amazing, what I was trying to do but for some reason I had hope that it will happen.

Just as I was about to loose all faith in the situation, my hand was being held tighter than before, then she done it again.

My girl could hear me!

One of the doctors had left during all of this and the came back with a few more different doctors and nurses, whilst in all the mist of it all, I was able to quickly thank God, for helping me with my last little wish. I might be crazy but I don’t care in the slightest all that matters that Fatime is alive and can hear me right now. By the time from when the doctor left and until the current time when all the different doctors and nurses came into the room and putting all these different machines on that I didn’t have a clue what were being use for. It was getting a little too overwhelming for me, so I asked to speak to Fatime’s main doctor outside of her room as there was just too many people in there for me to hear and speak to him so I was able to know the current process of Fatime’s health.

"Mr. Bieber, with the current situation to do with Fatime’s health and well-being I was going to make the decision of putting her into a medical induced coma so that she is able to get all of her body healthy in a slow process instead of rushing it all and them harming her more than with not having the medical induced coma. Also I would like to run some tests have a few scans just to make sure everything is okay. I will need to have your signature for a main procedure as her parents or guardian in not present at this time. If you have anymore questions or queries please let me know."

"Thank you Doctor, I will make sure if I have any queries to come and speak to you first. One question though, Are all the tests being done before the main procedure or during and if so could I possibly be able to sit in the tests and scans please? It’s just for my state of mind. Where do you have to sign for this to all go ahead. My name is Justin by the way."

"Your welcome, Justin. That’s absolutely fine, it’s no trouble at all for you to sit in all of the scans or tests. All of the tests will be constructed in her private hospital room when she is moved from the ICU. I will just go and get the paperwork for your signature and get all of the scans and tests booked right away."

"Thank you again, Doctor."

"Anytime, just in another day at work doing the job I love."

I walked back into the hospital room where all of the doctors and nurses were prepping Fatime for the tests. I sat back down next to her bed and just rubbed my thumb again her hand just to let her know that I am here and I am not going anywhere. I knew she could here me, but one thing was still bothering me, if she could hear me why wasn’t her eyes open or opening by now?

A middle - aged female nurse was concentrating on same thing I was thinking and looking at; Fatime’s beautiful eyes which are closed. I could see that she had a name tag on her nurse’s uniform which said that her name was, Alexandra. I simply asked her why Fatime’s eyes where closed and why she wasn’t being able to talk yet.

"The reason could be many different reasons why she hasn’t opened her eyes yet, but to my theory or knowledge is that as the patient was classed as not breathing earlier today, all of her body has to re - configure all of her body parts back together, so some much might take more time than others. Like for example her feeling in her hands is okay and it’s working correctly and so is the patient’s hearing, but it might take some time for her eyes to get back to normal. I hope this has made your understanding a little better."

"Thanks Alexandra, it has. Sorry, if its going to sound a little creepy, but have we met before?"

"Your very welcome, I think we did actually. It was today I believe, the corridor."

"Of course, how could I forget, your the lady that said that you are a Belieber and I gave you a hug to say a small thank you."

"Yes, something like that Justin." The nurse made a small chuckle at my re - creation of our first meeting together earlier today.

Everything in the room had been sorted out including all of the machines and the wires had been connected back onto Fatime’s body and all of the doctors and nurses had left the room. All you could hear was my heavy breathing and the beeping from all the machines. I don’t think I could of hated those machines that much from letting Fatime stop breathing and now in a space of a few hours, I am so thankful for having those to help her gain all of her strength back and be healthy again.

Maybe hearing her favourite song would help her?

Fatime, knew her favourite song off by heart, backwards, forwards and all ways you can think of, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I started to think of it in my head as I haven’t sung in so long… I think it starts something like this:

"Ooh, woah, ooh,

Well let me tell you a story

About a girl and a boy

He fell in love with his best friend

When she’s around, he feels nothing but joy

But she was already broken, and it made her blind

But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right.”

"Did you know that I loved you not aware,

Your the smile on my face it ain’t going nowhere,

Here to make you happy to see you smile,

I have been wanted to tell this for a long while,

What’s gonna make you fall in love,

I know that you’ve got a wall wrapped around your heart,

You don’t have to be scared at all, my life,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall.”

"I can tell your afraid of what this might do,

We have such an amazing friendship that you don’t wanna loose,

I don’t wanna loose it either,

Don’t think I could stand Cinderel why you hurting babe so take my hand,

Did you know your an angel who forget how to fly,

Did you know that it’s breaks my heart every time to see you cry,

Cause, I know there’s a piece of you has gone, every time done wrong ,

And i’m the shoulder you crying on and I hope by the time I’m done with song I would I have figure out.”

"What’s gonna make you fall in love,

I know that you’ve got a wall wrapped around your heart,

You don’t have to be scared at all, my life,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

I will catch you if you fall,

I will catch you if you fall,

I will catch you if you fall,

But if you spread your wings and fly away with me,

But you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall.”

"What’s gonna make you fall in love,

I know that you’ve got a wall wrapped around your heart,

You don’t have to be scared at all, my life,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall in love,

I know that you’ve got a wall wrapped around your heart,

Don’t have to be scared at all,

Don’t have to be scared at all.”

"But you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

But you can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

I will catch you if you fall,

I will catch you if you fall,

I will catch you if you fall,

If you spread your wings you can fly away with me,

But you fly unless you let yourself fall…”

After finishing, singing Fatime’s favourite song, I just simply sat back in the chair and looked up the at the ceiling and just hope that singing the song would might just be enough to help Fatime.

Will it help Fatime to gain all of her health back or will it send her in another downward spiral into a horrific ending?

Whoa, ooh

Well, let me tell you a story

About a girl and a boy

He fell in love with his best friend

When she’s around, he feels nothing but joy

But she was already broken, and it made her blind

But she could never believe that love would ever treat her right

Did you know that I loved you or were you not aware?

You’re the smile on my face

And ain’t going nowhere

I’m here to make you happy, I’m here to see you smile

I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long while

What’s gonna make you fall in love?

I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart

Don’t have to be scared at all, oh, my love

But you can’t fly unless you let yourself,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

Well, I can tell you’re afraid of what this might do

Cause we got such an amazing friendship and that you don’t wanna lose

Well, I don’t wanna lose it either

I don’t think I can stay sitting around while you’re hurting babe, so take my hand

Well, did you know you’re an angel who forgot how to fly?

Did you know that it breaks my heart every time to see you cry

Cause I know that a piece of you’s gone

Every time he done wrong I’m the shoulder you’re crying on

And I hope by the time that I’m done with this song that I figure out

What’s gonna make you fall in love?

I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart

Don’t have to be scared at all, oh, my love

But you can’t fly unless you let yourself,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

I will catch you if you fall

I will catch you if you fall

I will catch you if you fall

But if you spread your wings

You can fly away with me

But you can’t fly unless you let your…

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

What’s gonna make you fall in love?

I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart

Don’t have to be scared at all, oh, my love

But you can’t fly unless you let yourself,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall,

So fall in love (in love)

I know you got your wall wrapped all the way around your heart

Don’t have to be scared at all (don’t have to be scared, don’t have to be scared at all), oh, my love

But you can’t fly unless you let yourself,

You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

I will catch you if you fall

I will catch you if you fall

I will catch you if you fall

If you spread your wings

You can fly away with me

But you can’t fly unless you let your… let yourself fall

After finishing, singing Fatime’s favourite song, I simply sat back in the chair and looked up at the ceiling and just hope that singing the song would be just enough to help Fatime.

Will if help Fatime to gain all of her health and strength back or will it send her into another downward spiral into a horrific ending?

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Someone Else’s Not So Good Fairy - Tale: Chapter Twenty - Two

Re - cap:

Justin’s POV.

I heard a speeding vehicle leave the scene. It was that sick bastard just driving away. I will kill him if its the last thing I do.

"Baby… Please open your eyes! I love you, your my everything. Your my life, I can’t breathe without you in my life. You’re perfect in every single way imaginable, even you don’t think you are. You can’t leave me here alone, we have our future to plan together, having you become my wife; Mrs Bieber! Please beautiful?" I begged as my tears were falling. I need to call an ambulance! I try and find my phone but its no where to be found and I am running out of time to save my girl….

Back to the story;

Justin’s POV

As I slowly opened my eyes, the only thing that I was able to see what pure white and nothing else. Where am I? I turned my head around a little to see that I was in a bed and two chairs sitting beside me with my parents sitting in them.

"Justin, oh thank god , you’re awake." Said my mom with tears in her eyes.

All of sudden all of the memories and flashbacks came rushing into my mind remembering everything that had happened in the few hours.

Daniel. Car accident. Fatime. Now I can remember, that sick bastard will pay for what he has done to my girl and with that I realised where is my girl?

"Fatime! Where is Fatime? Is she okay? Mom! Dad!" I asked them while I panicked.

I remember looking at her liveless body, lying there. Begging her to open her eyes. She can’t leave me alone. I need her. My parents didn’t even answer yet but I am already crying. It’s too much. I am so scared I gonna lose her.

"Justin, when we tell you this you promise that you will be calm about it all okay sweetie?" Pattie spoke. Seeing the pain in her eyes was heartbreaking.

"Justin , she’s…" Started my mum but she stopped. She had this sad look in her eyes and thats only happens when it’s really serious or there is something has has happened which makes me even more scared. I could take all this horrible thoughts and theories n my mind and they wont stop. I need to know if my baby is okay.

"She is what?! Please tell me she’d not…. That she is not.." I started but I couldn’t finish it. Even thinking about was the worst.

"No. She is alive . But she is in a critical condition.." Said my mom while crying.


Critical condition?

No, she can’t be. Where is she?”

I need to get out of this fucking room and see her. I need to see her.

I quickly get out of bed but my dad wouldn’t let me.

"No! Let go! I need to see her… I need to see her!" I screamed while crying.

Why is this happening?

I tried my hardest to slip away from my father but for some reason all my strength had just disappeared into thin air. I pushed and pull my father out of the way but it was no use or help for that matter, i was trying to win this battle that I was unable to win at this point in time. I needed to see my everything.

"Not later, not tomorrow, I need to see her NOW!" I cried. That was it, I just couldn’t take it anymore, I let my legs and knees go weak and I just collapsed on the to cold hospital floor next to my worried and terrified parents.

"Justin, sweetie, I know you want to Fatime now but-" started my mom but I didn’t let her finish.

"No mom, I don’t just want to , I have to, your not understanding mom, she is my everything, she is-…. she is the person I want to put a ring on their finger and call her my wife, I can’t lose her." I confessed to my mom whilst still trying to think of a way to get through my dad as he won’t let me see my girl.

"I know, wait what… You wanna marry Fatime? There were shocked by the statement I made but they are going to have to deal with the fact that I am going to marry my girl… But the doctor need to see if you are okay first." My mom continued, I didn’t want to listen to what she had to say about the doctor due to the last situation and made us back into this hospital in the first place.

"The last time when I saw Fatime , before she got kidnapped , before this happened…I could save her. But the doctor needed to do a full and complete check up on me to see if everything is all good. This time…I won’t let them making me stay because of that stupid reason!" I yelled at them. I don’t wanna yell at them I hate yelling at my parents, but they need to let me go to see her. I need to see her.

Just after everything had calmed down and I was able to stand up again without collapsing to the floor because of feeling too weak to stand, I looked over at my parents and before I was able to look around the room they started speaking. All I heard was the last three words and thats all I needed to hear.

"Okay Justin. Go! "said dad, with a sad smile. Again this sad smile. It’s like they giving up on her. But she gonna make it through . I know she will!

I opened the door to our hospital room that my parents and I was in and I started to search for my baby. I asked all of the nurses and doctors, I was able to find in the hospital but still nothing. Then I remember something that one of my parents said to me when they were telling me about Fatime, what was it again?

"She is in Critical Condition."

Thats it! I haven’t checked the ICU unit for the people that have a critical condition, my girl must be there. I ran as fast as I could down the hallway and down a flight of stairs before I was able to get to the front desk. I asked the person that was on reception where the ICU unit was. They wasn’t going to tell me until they realised who I was.

"It’s on the top floor, and take your second left, sir…"

I didn’t let the person on reception finish there statement before I was half way down the hallway of the first floor. I was at the end of the hallway and looked infront of me to see a information board about which wards are where in the hosptial. At the bottom of the board was ICU - LEVEL 7! I needed to decide which one was the quicker opition taking the many flights of stairs or facing my fear of claustrophobia in taking the elevator. It took me a few minutes to decide but when I realised how stupid I as being, I got all my body in checked and pressed the button and waited for elevator door to open. As the doors opened, I quickly got into the elevator and closed my eyes and thought about all of the amazing times and memories I have shared with Fatime and how many more we will be able to create in the future. The elevator door pinged opened and I got out of the elevator before I was going to have heart attack.

All I could think of was seeing my girl again. I stopped at the top of another hallways but this one was full with many doors each side. How am I going to find Fatime now. I looked down to clear my head as I was feeling like I was going to go crazy if I didn’t find my girl soon. After looking down at the floor for a while I looked straight back up to see a nurse walking down the corridor and I ran over to her and asked which room Fatime Orbán was in?

"Last door on your left, Justin." the nurse answered.

Wait a minute, how does she know my name, the lady could see that I had a puzzled look across my face and spoke by saying;

"I’m a belieber…" the nurse smiled.

Before I knew what I as doing I moved closer and give the nurse a hug and said thank you.


She started to walk back down the hallway and that was my que to find the room my girl was in. I really need to see her, I am scared I gonna lose her .

Finally finding the room, that Fatime was in, I just stood there at the door frozen, it was like everything had stopped including me which meant I could do anything. What’s wrong me, why can’t I go in?

Erasing all thoughts like that, I put my hand on the door handle and pressed down lightly and the door slowly open. I was stunned to what I was seeing. It was heartbreaking and just destroying to see her looking like this. Her lifeless body, just laying there all pale.

There was so many different tubes and wires attached to her it was unsettling. There was a small tank next to her bed which taught my eye. Looking at it for a few seconds and realising that it was an oxygen tank for her breathe from. Thats it, I could hold it in any longer the tears the pain anything. I took hold her hand that was cold and sat down on the chair that they hospital had provided.

I was about to say something, when I could hear someone voice talking. I looked over to see that it was Fatime’s but her eyes were closed. She is having one of her dreams. I just sat there for a while until she started moving and sweating but she was still unconscious. Fatime is not normally prone to have nightmares… Only when something bad has happened. Which scares me.

"No..let me go , I don’t want this" she said in her sleep.


"She don’t want what?" I remember daniel saying that he had his fun with her… If he did something or anything to harm her in anyway , I swear…

By placing my hands around each of her arms, I moved in a harsh movement so I was able to try and wake Fatime up , but it was being unsuccessful. I was doing everything in my power to help her wake up but she wasn’t responding. I was shaking her lifeless body but still nothing.

"Let me go! Please…" She begged in her sleep while tears runned down on her cheeks and her beautiful face.

"Baby! Come on wake up. It’s me. Justin. Can you hear me babe? Please… Open your eyes for me please, sweetheart."

Fatime slowly started to move her body in the hospital bed including opening her eyes. It took her a few minutes to get her bearings for everything. As soon as she turned to see me, she started to cry more and more. I just hugged her tight, never wanting to let her go from my arms again.

"Its okay babe, I’m here now, no one else will harm you, I promise."

"I am sorry Justin…. I am so sorry." She said as she pushed me away to removed herself from the hold I had around her body.

"Babe, you have done nothing wrong, you shouldn’t be saying sorry…

Come on please, don’t push me away” I said and tried to hug her but again she just tried to push me away with her petite body.

"Justin… I.. I am not the same as I was…after what happened…

Could you still love me?

After he..”

Fatime’s POV

"Justin… I.. I am not the same as I was…after what happened…"

Justin only glared at me with an unreadable facial expression before reaching out for my hand. I removed it immediately before our hands could come in contact.

"Could you still love me? After he.." I struggled to speak miserably due to the horrendous condition I was in. Justin locked his eyes with mine, impatiently waiting for me to elaborate on what I was trying to get across.

"Fatime, I’ll always love you. Why would you even question such a thing?" Guilt and depression fufilled his honey brown irises as he finally took my hand in his before intertwining our fingers together. "What did he do to you?"

"I- uhh, h-he.." I trampled over my words and couldn’t bring myself ubrupt to gather any of my forsaken thoughts.

Justin clenched his jaw in fury before standing in a full upright position. I positioned my hand on his to sooth him a bit. I was too feeble to jump to my feet and embrace him as I usually would “Justin, please calm down.” I pleaded with agony laced within my tone.

"Calm down?" He bellowed in disbelief. He ran a hand threw his disarrayed dark blond hair in frustration.

"Really babe! You want me to calm down?" Justin scolded in incredulity.

I remained motionless and astonished as Justin continued to become more infuriated by the second. “Justin it’s not as bad as it seems. Besides, I’m safe with you now.”

His golden brown irises met mine; they were full of remorse and sadness massed together.

"He fucking hurt you! H-he put his hands on you baby girl. And I wasn’t there to prevent it from happening.."

After Justin finished speaking, everything went silent. All you could hear was the beeping and the buzzing from the machines that are attached me. I hating being here. I couldn’t even make eye contact with Justin for being that ashamed and the embarrassment of what Daniel did to me. The sleepiness was taking over again, so I tried to move my body towards the right side in the uncomfortable hospital bed as I couldn’t bear to look at Justin anymore without feeling guilty for what happened. I know the medication had stopped working a few hours ago but I didn’t care, I just didn’t want to have make a fuss with everyone. The pain was horrific but I just had to grin and bear it.

When I could finally feel that the pain was easing and that I was slowly letting the sleepiness take over my body and mind, There was a small light knock that was hardly able to hear on the room door. I couldn’t get out of the bed because of everything, so Justin got up out from the chair that was beside the bed and placed his hand on the handle and gradually started to open the door…

But all of a sudden there was a pain in my ribs and it was like the pain was there if a person I didn’t like or had memories with. I need medication and I needed it now. The only way I was going to be able to get that if Justin was going to continue opening that door.

"Justin, Nooooooo! Don’t…"

Everything stopped including the machines….

Maybe that person waiting behind that door is the person that could change everything…

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